About Us

Our Storefront in Greenwood, SC

How It All Started

Back in 1978, I was working hard to make my $128 a month house payment and my $200 a month electric bill. I knew there had to be a better way, so I started looking for it. There was no need to invent the wheel all over again. A man named Carol Buckner had already invented a wood burning stove that would heat the entire house and hold a fire all night long. I only had to buy about $40 worth of wood and we kept the house a lot warmer (from 68 degrees to about 78). I liked it so much, it was all I could talk about. So, opened a store and started selling Buck Stoves. I could not get enough stoves to supply the demand. The Buck Stove craze lasted for only a couple of years until America became accustomed to paying higher utility bills and the economy slowly began to improve. We all wasted a bunch of energy that should have been saved. Now the economy has gotten worse and the energy prices are on the way back up again.

When the wood stove business slowed down in 1980 we added swimming pools to our store in Greenwood, SC. Now we have a split store with pools on one side, stoves on the other side, and spas and pool tables in the middle. We also carry a number of other products such as kerosene heater wicks, swimming pool chemicals, tec gas grills, gas logs, fireplaces, glass enclosures, and more.

What a fun business! Everything we sell makes people happy. We started marketing over the internet in 1997 and have made people happy all over the USA. We are not a big company and don’t have fancy phone answering systems or automated e-mail. We just fill orders when they come in and help solve problems where we can. Our 37 years of experience helps, but our fine employees are the key to giving you the kind of service you deserve.

When you call the toll free number and one of our employee’s answers the phone and tells you his/her name, write it down. If you are impressed with the service you get, e-mail us and they will get recognized.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site and please let me know if you would like something changed to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Jack Smith, Owner