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Chimney Pipe for Sale

If you need help getting started with chimney pipe, look at the schematics below and choose which installation type fits your job.

Wood Stove Chimney Pipe and Wood Stove Chimney Liners

As always, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us if you have questions or if you are unsure on exactly what wood stove chimney pipe you need. We are here to help you! Call 1-800-472-6728. For additional help, check out the installation guides on the sidebar menu.

Be sure to check out other venting options such as:

Chimney Lining and Direct Connect Kits.

  • Temp/Guard Interior
  • Temp/Guard Exterior
  • Temp/Guard High Pitched Cathedral Ceiling
  • Temp/Guard High Pitched Ceiling
  • Temp/Guard Masonry Chimney Extension