Everyone loves a wood-burning stove. The warmth it provides and the ambiance it creates add something special to every room it’s in. Wood stoves offer efficiency, comfort, and, of course, beauty; in addition, they are a great way to reduce your heating and electrical bills. At servicesales.com, we offer a large selection of wood stoves from high-quality brands such as HearthStone, High Valley, and Breckwell. These stoves come in a variety of styles and colors and are sure to fit the décor of any room in your home. Also, if you’re looking for replacement stove parts for your wood stove, we have those as well.

Ordering Replacement Parts for Your Stove

Occasionally, you will need to make minor repairs on your wood stove. Although generally inexpensive to make, these repairs are important for the upkeep and durability of your stove. This includes tasks such as touching up paint or replacing gasket material. When looking for stove replacement parts, keep us in mind. Servicesales.com offers replacement parts for stove and hearth alike, including items such as recess mount thermodiscs, three-speed motors and switches, spark screens, liners, flue adapters, door handle assemblies, grates, thermostats, blowers, motors, doors, and much more. Our company has been in business more than 35 years, and we specialize not only in wood stoves and replacement stove parts, but also pool and spa supplies, grills, and pellet stoves.

Extra Help When You Need It

If you have questions about any of your stove replacement parts, we offer a section on our website devoted to owner’s manuals for all types of stoves. Here, you can view diagrams of each model of stove, with all of the parts included in the diagram. They not only tell you which parts go where, but they also give you the name and size of each part included with the stove. This makes it easier to figure out which replacement part you need. All of our diagrams are in PDF format too, so they are simple to open and look at. If you’re unsure of a model or product number, visiting these diagrams is a perfect step to take. Most importantly, they allow you to keep all of your replacement parts for stove and hearth new and in working order, which means they will last that much longer.

Contact Us Today

Servicesales.com offers a wide variety of products at reasonable prices—and, since we also work with a variety of carriers, our shipping prices are reasonable as well. Whether you’re looking for wood or pellet stoves, chimneys, hearth accessories, or gas logs, we have what you need at prices that can’t be beaten. Contact us today if you need our help.