Ventinox Chimney Lining System

Stainless Steel Liner Kit in a Box!

A top quality manufacturer to the hearth industry for nearly 20 years, Chim-Flex offers a stainless steel liner made of type 316L, including fittings. The liner is loced with a four-layer overlap crimp design and is so flexible you get a complete lining system in a box! This means your liner can ship less expensively via UPS.

Insulate Your Chimney Liner
We stongly recommend insulating your liner. Insulating your liner will make it draft better, stay cleaner, and reduce the risk of chimney fire due to creosote build-up.

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Chim-Flex Liner Kit Sizes and Pricing

Item Description Price
362325 3″ x 25′ $413.54
362335 3″ x 35′ $496.36
362425 4″ x 25′ $510.36
362435 4″ x 35′ $622.40
362525 5″ x 25′ $596.70
362535 5″ x 35′ $736.72
362625 6″ x 25′ $608.00
362635 6″ x 35′ $896.58
362725 7″ x 25′ $765.74
362825 8″ x 25′ $848.00

Complete Liner Kit in a box in 3″ to 8″ diameters.
Kit Includes: liner, long snouted tee & tee cap, critter cap, flat top flashing and storm collar. You can substitute a sleeve for the tee/tee cap if you need to make a direct connection to a top-vent appliance. Please specify “tee” or “sleeve” when you order. Insulation is NOT included in the kit. Also specify your pipe kit length.